• Art of Business The Event $299.00

    This could be the most important 2 days of your business life in 2019! At Art of Business the Event, you will join salon owners and managers from across the country to look at business models, ideas, and strategies. You will learn how to implement leadership and monitor effective methods to put you on a path to success in a less emotional, more rational way.

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  • Eufora - Elite/Eson Update FREE

    Designed for dedicated salon professionals committed to their success, as well as, the success of their salon. Elite team Members will be appointed as liaison in their salon and will assist with everything Eufora from running a successful promotion to in-salon Eufora product & program education. Elite Team Members can assist the owners in the implementation of  Eufora’s Eight Essential Steps to Financial Success, as well as working with their sales Consultant in the implementation of  Eufora promotions, new product launches and in-salon merchandising.

    **Please register with your AOB Salon Business Specialist**

  • Owners and Managers: The Art & Science of Coaching with Jay Williams $99.00

    You’ve addressed your products, process but not your people which is your greatest assets (or liability). They are your brand ambassadors. You need to maximize their potential...after all as a leader that's your job. You've tried everything: Being a Consultant to them, Being A Mentor to them and even being a Counselor (not by choice). You run out of ideas... We have one for you!  Be a coach! This is a hands on workshop that will give you the thinking, skills and behavior that get your people to be self-aware, self-accountable and self-motivated. Imaging a conversation where your people do all of the thinking and problem solving. Imagine conversations that are shorter, more productive and more energizing!

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