Social Media Coffee Talk

Coffee Talk is an open discussion between Emily and the class attendees in an intimate classroom setting, approaching different topics such as social media, branding, running multiple businesses, etc. Social media will be a discussion centered around about how Emily uses social media to help her businesses (her clients, @education_x, @x_thesalon, @costellocult). Each student will be able to discuss their questions with Emily, as well as an open forum at the end of the class to discuss tactics and approaches as a whole group.

Emily Costello has more than a decade in the industry, Emily has undergone extensive training in the world of hairdressing. She has spent the last several years traveling the country, nourishing the growth of hairstylists through haircutting education. Emily firmly believes that a strong haircutting foundation, accompanied with the understanding of each individual student, will provide the best /earning results. Emily founded EDU X with the vision to continue bridging the gap between education salon reality. "If you take away (even) just one thing from our classes that helps you on your personal journey, then I'm doing my job as an educator." Emily's dream is to continue working with stylists to cultivate daily habits of growth, inspiration, and cutting with integrity.

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Tools Needed: None. 

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