We are Art of Business

About Art of Business

After 63 years of servicing salons under the Raylon namesake, the Hafetz family has rebranded our company as Art of Business. Our name is derived from our signature salon business event and also reflects our business philosophy. Our goal at Art of Business is to harness the creativity and artistry of our clients into truly successful careers. This means going beyond technical inspiration and introducing programs and ideas that make a meaningful financial difference in the lives of our clients.

Another way of saying this is that we are trying to get each of our clients into the Beauty Hall of Fame!

A major vehicle in helping us achieve our goal is by working with industry leading brands that, like us, truly believe in and support our industry. When we are able to make the connection with like-minded brands and salon professionals, we think we can change the industry, one salon at a time. Our primary marketing area for these brands is DE, NJ, NY, and PA.

CEO Howard Hafetz with President Josh Hafetz

How We Got Our Name

“The word “Art” is defined as “delicate humanity”, and reveals the fact that truly great businesses always have a “heartbeat”. We have an unmatched love and passion for the industry that we weave into our business and our customer relationships.

Our name also reflects that success in our industry is a successful blend of artistry and business. We pledge to be your leading source of inspiration in both these areas in order help reach your full potential.