We are Art of Business

genesis is a turn-key private label hair care brand within the price range of any salon. No longer is it time and cost prohibitive to have your own brand.

Why choose private label hair care?

your image under control
How many brands have you brought on only to watch them pop up at every other salon, drugstore, and website? Your salon is unique but chances are your clients buy the hair care products you recommend and use somewhere else. It's time for you to make your mark- create your own product line and be the brand.

touch your clients between visits
Your clients use hair products every day. Every time they touch your custom designed private label hair care products they'll be thinking of you and your salon. Looking amazing between visits increases loyalty and generates word-of-mouth for you, your salon, and your brand.

earn more on your investment
Most of the bost of the other brands you use goes directly into marketing and promoting their brand- not yours. Change where you spend that money by putting it into your own marketing and promotion to grow your business, invest in education, buy new equipment, and support your community. 

easy to play
Big brands know their best order is your first order, so it's no wonder many require multiple months of inventory and opening orders of $3,000 to $6,000 or more! Our wholesale private label hair care products are surprisingly affordable, and you never have to worry about monthly minimums with genesis. For less than $1,000 you can start your own private label hair care brand today. Your genesis private label hair care products are always shipped at one flat rate no matter where your salon is. We ship your private label hair care products order from California to Florida, New York to Texas, and every state in between! Turnaround times are just 2-3 days, which minimizes the need to back stock and frees up cash flow.

Learn more about starting your own private label hair care brand by visiting our website,