10 Holiday Retail Statistics from the National Retail Federation


1. Holiday Spending Plans: On average, $638 is spent on gifts for family, friends, and coworkers.

2. 4 in 10 consumers will start their holiday shopping by November 1.

     • Salon tip: Do you have a holiday promotional plan set in place?

3. November holiday shopping update: As of early November, the majority (55%) of celebrants have started picking up the items on their holiday wish lists. However, they still have much to do before finishing up shopping for the season. On average, holiday shoppers have only completed 22% of their shopping so far.

     • Salon tip: This is the perfect time to make your retail area truly stand-out. Add eye-catching lights and call out major savings! Holiday kits are a once-a-year opportunity for clients to save big on their favorite products.

4. Personal care items are a go-to for holiday gifting: Overall, 25% of gifts during the season are personal care related. 37% of consumers aged 18-24 will gift these items.

     • Salon tip: Remember that holiday kits or gifts begin with the person giving the item. If the packaging and products stand out, the giftee will likely be interested in the product or brand long after they’ve received the present.

5. 47% of consumers will look on social media platforms for holiday gift ideas.

     • Salon tip: Share the holiday gifts the salon has in stock on your social media and encourage stylists to do the same on their pages.

     • Ideas to consider:

           • Ask Art of Business for lifestyle photos to help advertise holiday, or look on our Instagram and Facebook to reshare or repost.
          • ‘Tis the season for giving, offer a drawing or giveaway to clients who have already walked through  the salon doors. This opportunity not only shows them that you care and appreciate them—but it also attracts new guests and brings back those who haven’t visited in a while.

6. Thanksgiving weekend: An estimated 165.8 million consumers shopped between Thanksgiving Day and Cyber Monday. Nearly all (95%) used the weekend to purchase holiday gifts and other items for themselves and their families, spending $313 on average.

     • Ideas to consider:

          • What are your salon hours? Have you considered extending them?
          • Will you be running any sales? If the salon is closed on Thanksgiving or Cyber Monday, run a “pre-Black Friday” sale that appeals to clients as they wait for other retailer’s in-store and online deals.

7. The rise of the social and mobile shopper by platform:

     • Facebook:

          Ages 18-24 – 27% are using Facebook to look for information on sales and promotions.
          Ages 25-34 – 28% are using Facebook to look for information on sales and promotions.

     • Instagram:

          Ages 18-24 – 21% are using Instagram to look for information on sales and promotions.
          Ages 25-34 – 17% are using Instagram to look for information on sales and promotions.

     • Salon tip: Use this to your advantage! Create a holiday gift guide and use hashtags such as #giftideas, #holidaygifts, and your salon location to attract the people in your area who are looking to buy.

8. 85% of consumers have not finished their holiday shopping on Thanksgiving weekend – there’s still time!

• Will you be decorating or changing the appearance of your salon for the holidays?

9. This year, more than half (56%) of holiday shoppers are considering or planning to shop during Super Saturday.

     • What can you do to capture “Super Saturday” (Dec. 21, 2019) last-minute shoppers? Art of Business recommends having a sign or shelf talker at the reception area so guests can’t miss it! Receptionists and stylists can also remind clients when they’re in the chair or before they leave.

10. 61% of consumers will buy their last-minute gifts in the week leading up to December 25.

     • Are there any last-minute gift ideas you can target to your guests?

Art of Business has a variety of holiday items and personal care kits to prepare your salon needs this season. Visit us at or contact your sales consultant to get yours while supplies last!

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