5 Ways C.A.M.P. Will Change Business


5 Ways CAMP Will Change Business
5 Ways CAMP Will Change Business
As a teacher at the Business Institute and Facilitator for the Eufora Eson Group, Burkholder has been to every CAMP except one—and has the advice and expertise to back it up. 

“The opportunity for education that Art of Business gives to people is phenomenal. I have always taken those opportunities. They are always looking to educate and help you grow.” 

Here is five ways CAMP will change your business, according to Burkholder: 

Networking With Peers
“The key to a rewarding life and career is building relationships. I now have tons of friends and networking peers I’m friends with because of CAMP.

It’s also about being aware of your competition to enhance marketing, promotion, and retail ideas. It’s about loving your competition and watching them—and yourself—grow in the process of helping each other.

Art Of Business is about bringing people together through education and passion for the industry.” 

Sue’s Tip: Bring business cards! There’s always an exchange.

Team Bonding

“You take your team and bond through education, taking what you learned back to the salon to better your best. This and, all in the meantime, while having fun is one of the main reasons why CAMP is so successful of an event for so many salons.  

CAMP started off with 40 people and has grown to 400 people. It’s all about really good education and a pair of jeans and a flannel shirt. Come as you are!” 

Sue’s Tip: Get your team to open up and share what they’ve learned, especially how they can use that to build the salon’s business and change things up a bit. 


“That’s a Geno Stampora thing; he’s been teaching at CAMP since the beginning. He gets you pumped up before the holiday season, since CAMP takes place in September. He coaches you to think and act like a champion—that’s what it’s about. Geno gets us motivated to be the best of the best.

I always say to my employees, ‘If you want to be best hairdresser you can be, you have to act like them, talk like them, dress like them, etc.’”


“This comes from Sam Brocato, who was also at the very first one: ‘If you always do what you’ve always done, you always get what you’ve always got.’

Change is good and CAMP gets you to look in the mirror and say, ‘What about me should change for next year? How should I do something different to get different results and how important is that different result for me?’”

Sue’s Tip: Plan your entire salon calendar in a weekend. When at CAMP, leave the first page of your notebook blank and label it “to-dos.” This page will serve as your action plan for the next year. 

Being Open to New Ideas

“They teach new trends and how to handle different generations. One generation thinks differently than the other, but how can you bond those differences together as a team? Learning how to handle different generations makes you a better leader and a stronger team.

Everyone takes what they learn back to their salon and uses it differently. The ideas and concpets can be different than someone down the road that uses it. Put your own twist on it.”

Have fun and equip your salon for success with Art of Business’ CAMP on September 9, 10, and 11 at Split Rock Resort in the Poconos. To purchase tickets, please contact your Salon Business Specialist or call (855) 721-5250.  

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