6 Fresh Ideas for Easier Retail Gift Wrapping this Holiday


The holidays are so busy; taking the time to make retail gifts feel special often falls on the wish-I-had-the-time list. But retail gift wrapping doesn’t have to reinvent the wheel to be effective; get creative! Don’t be afraid to try something new and see how clients respond. It’s often the details that make the biggest impression. Here are some easy ways to make holiday gifts stand out this year.

Make Gift Cards Feel Extra Special

Gift cards are always a go-to item during the holidays, but sometimes they can feel a bit impersonal. Help gift givers out and make gift receivers feel extra special by creating unique envelopes for presenting gift cards.

Check out this super easy envelope trick by @5.min.crafts on how to create a customized, beautiful envelope. We love that they also used double-sided tape on the interior of the wrapping paper; goodbye sad, exposed tape with fuzzies stuck on it!

Make sure to have the assembled envelopes on display so clients can see that they’re getting beautiful wrapping too!

Tying the Perfect Bow

A well-tied silk ribbon on a shrink-wrapped product combo can instantly transform an otherwise-bland gift into something elegant and festive, but tying bows can be outright intimidating. Luckily, we came across this video from @coolgiftsng that shows how to perfect your bow-tying skills!

Use Natural Elements

Incorporate natural elements into retail gifts to add something unexpected to packages. Pinecones, acorns, or some foliage can really make a plain package pop. Try connecting the product to its scent with an element of nature, such as a sprig of rosemary or lavender. They don’t have to be real to be effective - find supplies at local craft stores to jazz up any holiday gift look. 

Use Fun Paper

Sometimes the right paper is needed to make retail gifts stand out. Check out local craft stores or boutiques to see what they offer for less traditional wrapping paper options. Try using scrapbook paper for smaller items. 

Change up the Fold

Play around with folds in the wrapping. Check out how @giftednewportbeach used simple folding to create pleats on this beautiful package. Plus, pleats or folds can double as a slip pocket for holding gift tags or cards!

Go Monochromatic!

We LOVE this ultra-classy monochromatic gift wrapping from honey_dew_gifts. Try playing with textures or patterns while keeping the same color theme.

Short on Time for Gift Wrapping Retail Products this Year?

Having the time to gift wrap retail products can seem like a luxury during the busy holiday salon season. Try hosting a gift-wrapping party to get everyone to help out, or show staff an example box and have them pitch in during in-between times.

Whichever way the salon’s holiday items end up this year, be sure to choose something that visually falls in line with the salon brand - edgy, classic, rustic, whatever - just make sure it fits in with the salon vibe. Try finding wrapping that matches the primary brand color to give clients something memorable! For products to put inside of those pretty packages, get shopping at Art of Business.

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