Art of Business Celebrates!


Art of Business Celebrates 1 Year!
Art of Business Celebrates 1 Year!
One year ago, Art of Businesswas born. Shaped by our history as Raylon, as well as our love for the salon industry, we set out on a crusade to help our customers “get into the beauty hall of fame”. This was a metaphor we created as part of our vision. On our 1 year anniversary, I have been reflecting greatly on this vision.

As a result of spending time thinking about this, my new battle cry for salons is to ensure that you are doing the same. All organizations with great culture share a single thing in common: they have a very clear vision or purpose.

If you and your team can’t easily articulate an answer to the following question: “what would the world lose if our company went away?”, then it means that you haven’t spent enough time focusing on your vision or purpose.

What do you stand for? Why did you open your salon or become a stylist? What gets you out of bed in the morning and excited about going to work?

If you want a motivated and inspired team, start by answering these questions and vigilantly communicating this vision and core purpose. This is what makes companies and people truly world- class performers.

For Art of Business, it’s you that gets us fired up each day. In the beauty business, nothing is more beautiful than a success story!!!! We are striving to make this business more beautiful, one success story at a time. That means helping you to achieve your dreams. We are honored to be part of your journey. Thanks for your partnership and may we have many great years to come!

Josh Hafetz
Art of Business

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