Building for the Future


As I write this article our new company is about 1 month young. We are exhilarated with the opportunity to renew ourselves as an industry leading company championing the independent salon and beauty professionals. I feel it is important to give you a glimpse into our mind set as we begin our new journey with you.

We promise to evolve, grow, and always be here for you. We will strive to be the company easy to do business with.

We promise to try and say, “YES.” We want to make ourselves reachable and stay close to you, our customers. Most importantly we want to be a pivotal part of you reaching your dreams.

Our company name speaks to the fact that business isn’t just “a science”…it requires a heartbeat, real people, humanity. After all, that’s why, a stylist is so respected by their clients!

And, we hope to always deserve your respect and earn your business. The support that we have received already from many of our great customers has been so incredible it inspires us to work even harder for you.

Together, we can change our little corner of the beauty world.

Howard & Josh Hafetz

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