Forget Hollywood, the Action Is in Your Salon Every Day


Salon owners can learn and benefit from understanding what it takes to produce a great TV show or movie. “To get the most out of your salon and your team, start to think and act in a different way,” suggests hairdressing guru Michael Baker. He believes the best thing an owner should do is to think of themselves as a Hollywood “producer.” Their mission every day as a stylist is to produce perfection…a positive, exciting experience for every client. does this happen?

Think of your salon as a “theater.”
Each station as a “stage” unto itself.
Your stylists are the “actors” who are performing.
The client becomes “the star” of the show.

A shift in thinking can make a world of difference. Before you introduce this philosophy, I caution you to do one most important thing. Take a moment after hours and sit in each one of the styling chairs yourself. Take a deep breath, look in the mirror, and really look at what you see, because that is the “exact TV screen” that each one of your clients is looking into. In addition to a reflection of themselves and the stylists working on them, they also see everything behind them; and of course, that could mean a lot of clutter. Make some adjustments so when your clients are looking in the mirror, they are seeing the kind of “show” you want them to see.

Talk with your team, practice this, and I promise positive changes. Good things will happen! If you think this is a good idea and put it to work in your salon, I’d love to hear from you.

Thank you,

Howard Hafetz
CEO of Art of Business

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