Get New Customers With a Salon Promotion That Works: The 2-For-1 Strategy


Hey everyone! It’s Josh Hafetz, President of Art of Business, with a business-building tip. The tip is called the 2-for-1. It’s a salon promotion that works at bringing in new clients into the salon, and it is somewhat aggressive, I will say, but I think in this economic climate that to get new clients, salons need to be bold.

Here is the premise: Go to existing loyal clients and tell them if they bring in a friend, a family member, or a coworker that each of them gets half off their service. What that boils down to is that the existing client is going to pay full price and the new client will have essentially got it for free, but it’s just a creative way of doing that.

I recommend doing it at a slow time. Reserve those appointments for off days, whether they’re quieter days of the week or just particular weeks or months that the salon is going to be slow. Name the promotion creatively. Perhaps call it the “Bring a Friend Sale,” “Friends and Family Sale,” “50% Off Sale,” or the “50/50 Sale.”

Make it an event—maybe do something for the friends while they’re there like offer them beverages, hors d’oeuvres, and even some samples of the most popular hair products. Hopefully, you’ll have made a nice thing for one of the existing clients, and locked in a new client for a very long time. Although the salon might be giving away a lot of the service initially, the value of a new client is well beyond that.

So, that’s the 2-for-1. Good luck and we know the business will get some new clients out of this salon promotion that works.

- Josh Hafetz, President of Art of Business

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