How To Be a Better Leader, According To Author Jay Williams


Leadership today requires you to be clear, concise, and compelling. Let me give it a shot.

Jay WilliamsClear is being easy to perceive, understand, or interpret. People can deal with uncertainty about the future. They can't deal with a lack of clarity on how you will respond to that uncertainty. There is a great deal of uncertainty this year. You may not be sure about the duration or outcome of what's going on. However, as a leader, you do need to be clear with your people on how you will respond to what is going on. Your response needs to be concise.

Concise is giving a lot of information clearly and in a few words. Recently, a Microsoft study showed people have an eight-second attention span. Goldfish have a nine-second attention span. You need to be clear on your thinking, values, and choices so that you can communicate clearly, concisely, and in a compelling manner.

Compelling is gaining interest, attention, or buy-in in a powerfully irresistible way. As a leader, you know your message is compelling when your people take action and follow your direction. I define a leader as anyone who influences. You don’t need the word “leader” in your title to lead. Influencing is the capacity or power of persons to be a compelling force on others’ actions, behavior, and opinions. You may be leading a business, team, family, support group or a relationship. Being clear, concise, and compelling in your communication will serve you well personally and professionally.

Want feedback on how clear, concise and compelling you are as a leader? Ask your people, “How clear, concise, and compelling am I on a scale of 1-10 in my communications?” They will be glad you asked.

In today’s world, you don’t need a title to be a leader within your company. Instead, what you need is better thinking and understanding to move a group of people toward the future. In the book This vs That by Jay Williams, we learn just that. This vs That is a handbook for every leader regardless of their level of experience. It helps provide a complete leadership philosophy that will raise your game with your business, organization, and people. Learn in precise detail better-thinking strategies, how to make better choices, and what choices you should be making as a leader.

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