How to Build an Extensions Empire with Halo Pro


Getting a puppy is just the beginning. Owners know that months of training, care, and hard work is ahead to reap the rewards of a well-behaved, friendly, and healthy puppy. Believe it or not, the same thinking applies to extensions—minus the barking, chewing, and digging, of course.

Taylor Boren, National Trainer for Halo Professional Extensions, studied more than 15 different extensions manufacturers and found that every company has a different method, which means that stylists need to stay educated to apply each brand correctly. Not every client and budget is the same, just like not every extension line is the same.

Coupled with her 14 years of experience with tape-ins, wefts, I-tips, and many other extension techniques, Boren said that taking a Halo Pro Extensions classes at Art of Business could be the key to winning over clients and building big income.

Nobody Said It Was Easy

According to Halo Pro, the global hair extension market was valued at $2 billion in 2017 and is expected to reach $5 billion by the end of 2025. Salons have the potential to increase their revenue at a faster rate by joining the extensions market. Getting professionally certified keeps stylists from installing extensions poorly and hurting a client’s perception or worse, ruining a customer’s hair.

“I can’t tell you how many corrections I do with extensions,” she said. “You can compromise the integrity of hair if extensions are done improperly.”

Most of it boils down to unrealistic expectations: clients see a photo on Instagram and think they can have it too, ignoring the money, time, hair type it takes to achieve the look. Boren’s advice is to be 100% transparent and honest about what will work. No industry standard exists on extension application, but brands like Halo Pro are offering plenty of education to empower stylists and teach them when to apply—and when not to.

Encourage Examples From Clients

An extensions business starts with the first client. Take a before and after photo, and show that to the next interested customer. Showing clients previous work is highly recommended by Boren and gives clients an expectation of capabilities.

The client should also play an active role in finding pictures as examples—this will manage expectations and establish a comfort level. Once in the chair for the appointment, make them feel part of the transformation and have them “help” with extensions by holding the color swatches.

Find Target Audience

If someone’s never worn extensions, Boren starts with one extension pack of the balayage colors to non-chemically brighten their hair. Some clients might add another pack if they have thicker hair, but after that initial application, she said, most clients are hooked.

Extensions are also great for haircut corrections, loss of fullness, breakage, and color enhancement. Boren cites middle-aged women with these hair concerns as the most loyal clientele.

“With extensions, you can give natural hair a huge break,” she said. “It’s all about the client’s natural integrity of hair and keeping that healthy.”

Invest in Quality with Halo Pro

Halo Pro tape-ins are the best out there, Boren said. The line contains the most popular colors from Halo Couture, its parent company, from the past 10 years: Six balayage and 19 original shades. Not only are the colors and quality exceptional—the tabs are smaller and the tape leaves little to no residue, saving time for both stylists and clients.

With tape-ins, a full head of extensions can be installed and styled in 45 minutes, Boren said. Clients who are overwhelmed about the process can rest assured that extensions take less time than almost any other service in the salon. Make sure to schedule a follow-up appointment in 5 to 6 weeks to re-apply and “bump up” the extension back near the root.

If stylists want to increase revenue with extensions, then they need to know the business inside and out. Getting educated with Halo Pro’s classes, finding a client base, and managing realistic expectations are proven to grow the salon’s extension business. Sign up for an Art of Business class on Halo Pro Extensions for training on blending, removal, re-tabbing, and more.

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