How to Prep Your Salon for the Holidays


Just like extreme preppers have a stockpile of food and water for months (not to mention, a very thorough plan), salon owners must be prepared for the holiday with sales, merchandising objectives, and marketing calendars. Sure, the prep doesn’t require the same supplies, but any salon owner will attest that the holidays can resemble an apocalypse at times—if you’re not prepared!

Plan your holiday merchandising and salon specials with these tips from James Alba, Owner of The B Hive Salon in Hillsdale, New Jersey and Maura Jannetta, Owner of Salon Fiber in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania.

Order With Last Year’s Sales in Mind

“November and December are the best months in our industry,” Maura said. She orders her holiday merchandise by looking at sales numbers from last year, accounting for growth and ordering a few extra sets.

Go Green with Gift Cards

“Most salons are one and done with gift cards. In our salon, we had a hard problem with that,” James said. B Hive Salon recycles old gift cards to use as holiday cards. They pre-wrap the items and give it a new code.

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

“All the planning in the world won’t help you if you don’t communicate,” Maura said. Make sure your team knows what items you’re buying, the specific plan for the display, and where the extras are located if they need to restock.

Add Some Weight

“Sometimes weight gives the equation of value,” James said. Package your gift card in a mason jar, coffee cup, or handcrafted wooden box.

Push for Pre-Booking

Offer incentives for clients that pre-book one or two appointments out. “It’s a practice that builds on itself—those that don’t book in advance make sure to book in advance next time, otherwise they won’t get in,” Maura said.

Display Your Deals

Put displays when people walk in, but also place messaging at each station, in the color room, and even in the restrooms, James said. Make sure email blasts and the website coincide with the in-salon messaging.

Reward Your Stylists

Maura suggests motivating your staff with some friendly competition. For example, whoever sells the most gift sets gets a bonus at the end of the year.

Host a Holiday Pop-Up Shop

Invite small businesses to sell products in your salon. Candles, soap, and jewelry are all space-saving items that add an extra punch to your holiday display, but don’t require as much maintenance in terms of inventory and stock.

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Holiday Do’s and Don’ts For Your Salon


Advertise holiday kits—they’ll fly off the shelves.

Place one retail item on display and keep extras in back.

Treat your regular customers with a special percentage off during the holidays.

Make sure you front desk knows how to calculate discounts! Enter holiday boxes into the system before the sales start, to save some time.

Invest in a holiday display you can keep up until mid-February.


Throw away your gift cards!

Spend your money on red and green decor. It will only be relevant for a few weeks.

Slack on merchandising.

Start playing holiday music without consulting your staff!

Give attention to items that don’t sell.

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