Leadership, Does It Matter?


Leadership, does it matter? How would you answer this question?
I suspect most people would answer, “of course”. Yet, at the same time, when we look at the issues affecting our own businesses and our team, it’s easy for us to create a multitude of other external forces that are causing our results. So what we are really saying is that leadership makes the difference in other organizations, but “in my company” it’s not me it’s “them”. You can see how this is somewhat hypocritical. Here’s the bitter pill: It’s You! Our company and our teams are all a reflection of our leadership. For a team to change, first we, the leader, must change (thanks Ghandi).

So what to great leaders do?
Obviously the full answer is beyond the scope of my article, but a great place you can start is to figure out what great cause you and the organization are there to fight. What is the core belief and purpose that you stand for? This is a critical task for a leader to address because it’s the foundation of the culture of your business. Great leaders effect the way their people feel about themselves and their work. For this to occur, the team needs a purpose. What wrong are you righting in the world? What does the world lose if you and your team disappeared tomorrow?
The answers to these questions are the foundational building blocks that all great leaders rally around. If your team is not engaged, it’s likely because you haven’t solidified these ideas into the organization and into their minds.

Back to my original question, does leadership matter? You're damn right it does.
If you want assistance in creating a framework to build your culture and vision, contact your AOB Salon Business Specialist. We can help you to do this as one of the benefits of our Advantage Network program.

Josh Hafetz
Art of Business

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