Make Money During COVID-19 and Sell Retail at Home With MySalon2Me


Rebecca Kunkle, Salon Owner at Midtown Hair Company in York, Pennsylvania, signed on with Art of Business’s MySalon2Me web store initiative to sell retail to customers while the salon was closed during the coronavirus shutdowns. We got a chance to catch up with the salon owner to follow up on how her new online business was taking off.

Why did you initially decide to join MySalon2Me?

It was really to generate income in hopes of covering the ongoing expenses while the salon was shut down. Prior to making the decision, I researched whether a 25% commission was worth it for me. After reading about exactly how much profit is generated from a typical retail sale following costs like inventory cash commitments, labor to upload products into software programs, and various other carrying costs, things started to click. When it came down to it, I calculated that I would be making almost as much profit online as when selling those same products in the salon.

How was the setup?

We got it up and rolling within two or three days at the end of March. I also like having the option to choose from among everything Art of Business carries for retail, rather than being limited to the brands I’m able to utilize in my salon.

And while MySalon2Me is a separate website, it is customized and branded to fit every salon’s preferences, so customers feel familiar, comfortable and secure when buying from our online store.

What do you like most about MySalon2Me?

It was the ease of it. As a salon owner, you have so many things on your plate. The thing I like the most about it is that it was an extremely easy process.

How has the commission of MySalon2Me retail sales helped you?

It has really helped replace my lost retail sales. Since launch, we have been pacing between 70-80% of our typical retail revenue.

Not only that but our clients are very happy they can support our salon during the coronavirus. Some clients that travel from out of town, including our snowbirds, have liked it. They also have recommended products to their family members, who have been shopping, too.

How are you promoting your online store?

To truly get the return, you have to put effort into it. Initially, I went on and published the graphics for our Facebook cover, my Instagram, and our website.

The key is making their marketing your own. In the beginning, I was making videos to show people how to buy and providing an easy link for them to shop.

It’s crucial to let clients know about promotions, as this will be what entices them to buy. That, and providing customer service should they need help with their order. In the case of online store questions, MySalon2Me has a customer service number that clients can call: (855) 721-5250.

What is your opinion on the future of retail sales? Do you think your customers will continue to purchase online?

In the short term, I would hope to see a little bit of an uptick when we can reopen. I’m hoping clients will be eager to shop since they haven’t visited our salon for a while.

In the long term, we’ll see a large percentage of sales happen in-store, but it’s cool having an online platform because you’ll continue to capture the rest of people. That’s the value: You’re capturing guests you wouldn’t have captured otherwise, including out-of-state customers and the clients that didn’t have initial funds at the visit.

An online store will also continue to capture guests that want an instantaneous purchase, like the millennials when they’re scrolling at midnight on their phones.


Take advantage of the mysalon2me Facebook Group, and don’t be afraid to make your content personalized. Use their images to copy/paste onto your social media pages, and make your own, too; you have to make it personal and be invested to see results.

Those interested in MySalon2Me can contact their Salon Business Specialist to set up an online store with Art of Business.

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