Meeting: a coming together of two or more people by chance or arrangement


It has been a while since I trumpeted the benefits of meetings in the rhythm of a successful salon. For your salon culture and your team to truly hum, you should be consistently investing time with your staff in the form of 3 types of meetings. Many use the excuse of being too busy in order to avoid doing this. But, I bet you all would agree that your staff is your most important salon asset. If so, how could you not take the time to invest in your team, this most crucial asset. Here is what I recommend you should be doing for your meetings:

1 Daily Huddle - just like a football team before every play, your salon needs to review the plan for each day. A quick 5-10 minute huddle to set the tone for the day. The huddle should be held at a consistent time when most all can attend. Various people in the salon can lead the huddle so it’s not always on the owner to run it. Topics included can be: celebrate results of the prior day, call out individual successes, review goals and objectives for the current day, highlight promotions and happenings, inspirational quotes or thoughts, have a stylist give a quick product review for a new or favorite product and other miscellaneous things to gear up for a killer day. Having a huddle sheet is a great idea too so people who miss the huddle can read over it later when they get to the salon.

2 Monthly Salon Celebrations (aka staff meetings) - These should be very structured and have a formal agenda. This minimizes the potential of unstructured bitch sessions. Use the “parking lot” if people go off topic. If you are looking for input, which you should be, it can be good practice to share parts of the agenda ahead of time and ask them to come with ideas. Look for opportunities to delegate segments to team members in order to foster participation. Agenda items can include: icebreakers, review of monthly sales metrics vs. goals, celebration of associates who had monthly successes, awarding bonuses and retail commissions, introducing and creating marketing and promotional ideas, book clubs or discuss excerpts from a good business book, discuss new initiatives and areas for salon improvement. I would caution, if you don’t want the staff to make it a bitch session, then you shouldn’t either. It should be 85% positive stuff!

3 Monthly one on ones - In addition to group meetings, you should budget time to check in with your team members individually. This is huge in ensuring staff motivation and retention. These meetings are where you uncover issues and stimulate and inspire your people. One on ones can be anywhere from 30-60 minutes on average. Agenda items include: Individual performance vs. goals, areas they need support and training, issues they want to discuss and an opportunity to uncover what their personal goals and motivations are (for example, trying to buy a house or go on a vacation). Once again, this time should be 80% positive, unless it’s your intention to coach them out of the business.

By consistently engaging in these 3 types of meetings, you will notice a significant positive impact on your team’s motivation and your salon culture in general. The meetings serve as a great opportunity to foster positive energy, but also as a natural outlet for challenges so that they don’t build up pressure over time.

Meet away!
- Josh Hafetz

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