Message from Josh: Elevate Your Retail Selling Techniques


Here’s my problem: whether it’s wine, vodka, or whiskey, I am unable to tell the difference between a “good” bottle of something vs. a really cheap one if I am given a blind taste test. My pallet simply isn’t that discerning. Yet, I still willingly spend more money when I order any of these drinks instead of getting the real cheap version. It’s kind of crazy! I know I can’t tell the difference, yet I still spend more than I need to. It’s madness!

In thinking about it, I realize the reason why I do this. Somewhere, someone sold me or explained to me about the ingredients, the aging process, the grapes, etc. and convinced me it’s worth spending more money. Why not, I’m worth it, right? So, despite the fact that I can’t really tell the difference, I continue to happily drink the more expensive versions because I believe in the “story.”

Shampoo is very similar! If our industry isn’t celebrating the ingredients and the technology story of our products, like a sommelier celebrates the grapes and the types of barrels the wine is aged in, then the value won’t be perceived by our clients. Much like I can’t tell when I sip a glass a wine, our customers might not be able to discern the benefits of their shampoo in the shower.

It’s our job to bring this value to life by telling the ingredient and benefit story. A great bottle of wine won’t tell its own story, neither will a great shampoo. Our hairdressers need to become “HairSommeliers.” I am certain that our product sales would go up if we took on that mindset in the salon. A great activity for your team would be to ask a sommelier or really educated bartender to explain a great bottle of wine to you in detail. It’s a great lesson on how we can elevate our game in talking about our products.

Good luck!

Josh Hafetz
President of Art of Business

(disclaimer: I don’t actually have a drinking problem nor is my title meant to minimize the significance of this disease. It was simply to get your attention.)

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