Peer Salon Support Helps Owner Thrive


Peer Salon Support Helps Owner Thrive
Peer Salon Support Helps Owner Thrive
White brick, succulents and natural wood greet guests at Mint Hair Studio, a 1,600 square-foot salon nestled in Collegeville. It’s a Pinterest lover’s dream, punctuated with Davines products and a positive atmosphere. 

This salon clearly knows what they’re doing. They’re expertly trained, trendy and beloved by their clients—just read through the more than 80 five-star reviews on their Facebook page. 

The key to their success is reassurance, through Art of Business’ education and salons in the area, said Kelly Guldin, Owner of Mint Hair Studio. 

Art of Business knows that salon owners thrive when they’re able to bounce ideas and questions off each other, so they create perfect environments for doing just that, whether it’s through classes, meetings, events or a simple introduction in-person to other owners in the area. When salons work as a team and get reassurance, everyone improves their bottom line.

“It’s very lonely owning a salon because you go from the person doing the gossiping to the person that the gossiping is being done about. It’s nice to have someone that gets you,” she said. “My neighboring salons aren’t competition. I have Art of Business to thank for that.” 

Mint Hair Studio started off more than four years ago with three girls and went from 0 to 79% booked in the first year. Art of Business was on Mint Hair Studio’s doorstep from the start. Salon Business Specialist, Lauren, was providing expert recommendations and unfailing help that was vital in her salon’s success, she said. 

“The most important thing is to find a mentor and someone you can trust to give you advice and help you through.”

From the get-go, Art of Business was hands-on, suggesting promotions, providing graphics and organizing the finer details to make sure their sales were successful. Matching up the salon’s promotions with the distributor’s bi-monthly deals was one of the smart ways they structured their marketing calendar for success. She has little problem selling retail, she said, citing that the Davines product line really fits with their spot.  

“I do love the product line we have and I wouldn’t have ventured into it if it weren’t Art of Business’ expert recommendations.” 

Opening her salon was also easier than she thought it would be, she said, which had to do with her support system. She’s been attending The Art of Business, a two-day event for salon owners and managers, since she opened her doors. At the event, successful salon owners speak on culture, branding, leadership, education, etc. 

“Being creative is exhausting. You need something to reignite your fire.” 

The Institute was also a great in-depth program, she said.  At the event, they’re very hands-on, taking your numbers and tearing them apart. She felt reassured that a respected professional was looking at her books and recommending additions and changes her salon could implement to achieve success. 

After all, education and community are how businesses thrive in the beauty industry. She suggests taking every class you can from Art of Business, a company that’s passionate about connecting beauty, business and community. 

“The owners and other salon business specialists know who I am. I’ve only been in the business for five years. That’s saying something.” 
Every time she turns around, she’s always getting introduced to owners from different salons. 

“I know I can depend on them if something went awry or I needed help. It’s nice to be Facebook friends with these people if I have a question or tip I want to share.”

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