Salon...Are You Prepared for the 13th Month of Profits?


Holiday sales, for major retailers, means additional months worth of potential profitability. Are we as salons thinking the same way about our holiday? Or are we so focused on decorating our salon to look cute, but not focusing on our actual retail profit potential?

I challenge you this year to make that shift! Change your guests approach from “service seeker...” to “holiday shopper.” Help them see you as a Holiday Shopping destination. Most guests approach the salon thinking about their personal quiet time away from life’s challenges. They see this as personal time to be pampered and enjoy a service. They then leave and enter malls and other stores with a “Shoppers” mindset. It’s time to change that culture and help them see your salon as a shopping space, where they can capture many gift-giving opportunities while at your salon. Whether they are buying gifts for Mom/Dad, Grandma/ Grandpa, Aunt/Uncle, Brother/Sister, Teacher, Bus Driver, Boss, Mailman, or neighbor...the list goes on! Let’s create an environment that helps them solve that challenge.

Make sure you’re playing and displaying like a retailer. What does your holiday story look like when guests view your business? What is the salon saying as soon as guests enter the business? Does your website imagery match your social media? Does that match your salon decor and branding? What do your windows look like when guests approach the salon? Holiday gift sets are great for gift-giving so be sure to have them displayed throughout the salon. The front desk, retail walls, holiday disrupter table, color-bar, wash area.. even the bathroom! Stylist stations are also a perfect area to market and brand for Holiday gift-giving to your guest and will create conversation for stylists behind the chair.

Check out the Eufora Salon Digital Asset Page where we have pre-designed all of these marketing tools for you. Go get em this holiday, create that 13th Month!

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