Say “Thank You” with Our Signs and “No, Thank You” to Diversion


As hairstylists, you know how and why you sell retail, but does that understanding always get passed down to your customers? Our “Thank You” signs encourage clients to purchase products from your salon. Whether they’re displayed in the waiting area or on stylist stations, they act as a conversation starter surrounding salon-quality products and diversion. Get more posters at the end of our article—scroll down! 

Why Salon-Quality Products?

A purchase of salon products funds education that impacts the quality of haircuts, color, styling, and product recommendations in the salon. Explain how, with continued training, your services will get better and better, thus making their hair better and better in the process.

“Every person should leave the salon with a plan of action,” said Renee Fry, Marketing Manager at Art of Business. “Using professional products based on a stylist’s recommendation is what keeps their hair looking great.”

What erodes a customer’s confidence is when someone buys a diverted product that may be expired, diluted, and just not the right product for their hair. “Customers aren’t coached on the product,” Fry said.

Tiffany Melisauskas, Salon Co-Owner and Stylist at 5th Avenue Salon in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, has a sign to remind clients of the benefits of buying salon-quality products. Her team informs clients that retail dollars are used to fund education and, ultimately, to give better service. By ensuring they’re getting the right product for them, they become loyal to the salon and the products sold there, she said.

“You’re more likely to get the right product when an educated professional gives you the recommendation rather than guessing at the drugstore and possibly getting old or knock-off product,” Melisauskas said.

What About Diversion?

Diversion erodes customer confidence because it’s lacking a licensed professional’s recommendation. Aside from being the wrong product, diverted products purchased from big-box stores may also be expired, diluted, or contain other impurities that could put customers at risk. They also often cost more than what you’d pay at the salon.

“They might buy a product, not like it, and then lose faith in that line when it was just that it wasn't the correct product for their hair type to begin with,” she said.

Art of Business partners with brands that fight diversion. Many of our manufacturers make salons sign an anti-diversion contract. In addition, we review all purchasing patterns of salons that buy at a certain threshold to check for diversion, Josh Hafetz, President of Art of Business, said.

“Salons have two weapons against diversion,” Hafetz said. “The obvious one is not to participate in diversion if someone approaches them. More importantly, they should vote with their dollars and support brands that aren’t diverting. If a brand is meaningfully in diverted channels such as drugstores and supermarkets, it’s very likely they could stop it, but choose not to stop it. Sadly, many brands are consciously choosing ‘grey markets’ to distribute their products. We are proud to say that none in our portfolio do this.”

As your distributor, we’re here to support you with brands that help your salon and choose to not “divert” customers elsewhere. Choose from any of our anti-diversion posters below: Print them out and place them in your salon!

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