Sell More Salon Retail and Improve Client Retention With This Policy


Hey! It's Josh Hafetz, President of Art of Business, and I'm back with another business-building tip—the Right to Know policy.

No matter if you're a hairdresser or a salon owner, I highly recommend instituting a Right to Know policy. Here's the premise: As a professional, I believe very strongly that it's your job and your responsibility to educate your client and recommend to them the proper care and the proper tools so they can maintain their look.

Selling isn't what you want to do. It's all about educating. The Right to Know policy is a great way to do that for a lot of people who are uncomfortable in speaking with their clients differently than they have been the last 10 years of working with them.

The idea behind the policy—you can write it down, you can hang it on your station—is that as a client, they have their rights. Their bill of rights is to have a professional recommendation from you, their hairdresser. Their right is to have the information on how to care for their hair.
• What will the process be to get them to where their end goal is?
• How long will it take them?
• What daily time will it take them to keep up with that look?
• What care will be required, whether it's the tools that they're going to use or the products they're going to need, to maintain that look?

All these things are their right to know. It's also their right to know about every product that you put on their body, their skin, and their hair—what it is and why are you using it? Most importantly, it's a client's right to know what the maintenance schedule will be when they follow up, and this relates to pre-booking. It's essential for the client to understand how often they need to come back, and the dates they're going to need to schedule with you.

The Right to Know policy is a great way to start talking differently to your clients without it seeming uncomfortable. Rather than sounding like you're selling to them, it's merely their right as a client of you, the hairdresser. Not only will it make you more professional, but it will also get you to achieve your goals, whether that’s retailing, rebooking, or client retention. All those things will grow as a result of you implementing the Right to Know policy.

- Josh Hafetz, President of Art of Business

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