The Heart of the Matter


The convention center was as noisy as only 10,000 hairdressers could be. Squeezed in between the pipe and drape of one little show room, we awaited the arrival of our brand new educator. Out from backstage he came. Sharp and handsome in a fine green gabardine suit. His tie was knotted perfectly and he was guiding a young lady before him. His model was blinded by her thick shampooed hair, combed to completely cover her eyes. “Today,” he shouted over the noise that surrounded us, “I am going to cut the Maria. Do any of you know how to cut the Maria?” he asked...

No hands went up. He graciously placed his faceless model in his styling chair and then, in a gentle, powerful voice he repeated, “Today I am going to cut the Maria” and as his hands parted her long, wet hair to reveal her face, he concluded by saying, “Because this is Maria!”

To this day the hair on my arms stands up and the tears fill my eyes, as I recall that moment and my awakened understanding of how important one stylist can be. That great hairstylist, educator and friend, who shared his gift with so many of us was James Victor Junior. Jimmy left this world not long ago and our loss is heaven’s gain. have you noticed... the angels are looking a bit more beautiful now!

I have always believed that one properly trained, inspired stylist could change the world! Today I believe it more than ever. Whether you have chosen your spot in a studio environment or as a partner in a commission salon you are one important part of the equation of the joy of life in your community. What I have learned from the Masters of our profession is that success, physical, financial, emotional and spiritual is held in your heart and hands. It can be captured in four simple words: quality of Client experience! It is not simply the style, the color or how cute an out t we wear it is everything, from beginning to end, that happens between ourselves and our precious client.

I have carried all that I have learned from you out to my many clients including The hard Rock, IBM, The DJ’s of america and many more. In the end my heart returns to you and the magnificent power that you possess to change the world one person at a time. “We are not in the Beauty Business. The Beauty Business is in us!”

Douglas A. Cox

Douglas A. Cox
Author, Coach, Consultant, Speaker
Art of Business Honoree 2017

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