The Importance of the Instagram Bio


Clients are starting to look at a stylist’s or salon’s Instagram account to decide on whether or not they want to book them. As Instagram continues to become the ‘front door’ for business and a portfolio for artists, it’s time to attract the ideal audience by updating the “About Me” section of this powerful social platform.

1. The Name Field

The name field, also known as the ‘bold line,’ is one of the only ways to include searchable keywords on Instagram. While many stylists use their first and last name, they could be losing out on potential opportunities. Think of the key terms that followers, clients, or brands are searching for on Instagram—and even on Google. For example, a hairstylist in Pennsylvania should put “Philadelphia Hairstylist” in the name field. That way, when people Google or type that phrase into Instagram, your page will show up.

2. The Body

Give audiences a preview of what they can expect from the Instagram account. Does the salon exclusively carry a specific brand? Are balayage, haircuts, or vivids your area of expertise? Now that Instagram lets profiles use hashtags and other user’s handle names in the bio, it’s another way to lead visitors to more information. This can range from a unique hashtag or the salon’s Instagram. If there’s room, include your name, title, and something personal to connect with followers on a deeper level. Don’t forget to add an emoji!

3. Call to Action

Tell audiences what to do next. For instance, include “Book an appointment below” or simply “Booking ⬇️.” If the books are full right now, let clients know the next availability date with “Openings in April—DM for Booking.” If the goal isn’t new clients, some stylists include an email or use this space to promote awards.

4. The Link in Bio

The phrase “link in bio” is a well-known call to action for any Instagram user. That’s because Instagram only permits this single link for each profile, which is why it’s so crucial to get it right. This is the only way to promote a booking site, your latest project, or an exclusive offer. We suggest linking to a website to let visitors know more about services and allow clients to make an appointment directly.

5. Instagram Highlights

A great Instagram bio doesn’t end with a link. Use Instagram Stories Highlights to share more valuable information that doesn’t fit in the copy. Let potential clients or brand partners see the best of the best by creating Instagram Highlights that feature different techniques, services, transformations, in-detail booking information, and even cancellation policies.

6. Switch to an Instagram Business Profile

Create ads and discover more insights about audiences, location, age, and more by switching a personal profile to a business profile. Having a business profile is also an excellent way for clients or companies to have their contact information directly in the bio, a feature that isn’t available on personal profiles. Clients can call, email or find the salon with an easy click.

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