The MICE Method: 4 Reasons Why Every Client Says “YES (I’LL BUY!)”


Whether convincing a client to try a new, more complimentary style or having them experiment with a new home regimen of products, it is all pretty much the same…it’s called selling.

The four rules of the MICE method below apply to why people buy anything, be it a car, jewelry, shoes, or hair care. These are four things you’ve probably never learned in beauty school, but I know they’re what separate “great” hairdressers from those who are just “good!” If you believe in it, memorize it for yourself, and teach it to your entire team, you will see everyone flourish—and so will your sales!

Minimize Risk
Safety is a crucial issue; people want to be safe and have guarantees.
Example: Show them how a new style will accentuate positive features—not any bad ones.

Increase Profit
Show how clients will save money and get a more significant return on their investment.
Example: Phrases like “Your hair color will last longer” are key to showing value.

Competitive Differential
Communicate how clients will stand out from the rest with this product.
Example: “You’ll look younger and as beautiful as the day your husband proposed.”

“Quick, fast, and simple” are music to a client’s ears.
Example: Use time-saving attributes when possible, like “It’s so easy and saves time...cuts your blowout time in half!”

Howard Hafetz, CEO of Art of Business

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