The Ultimate List of Holiday Merchandising Tips and Ideas for Salons


Despite our avid protesting year after year, mother nature never fails to change the color of our leaves and command them to fall down, ushering in colder days and the talk of “winter” into our everyday lives.

Before the season sets in, don’t be a curmudgeon—start planning your holiday retail! Salons should have a campaign for their holiday sales, merchandising, and marketing organized by October 1. Planning ahead guarantees that your salon will have enough retail ordered to get through the blustering season. Here’s our exhaustive list of holiday retail, merchandising, and marketing ideas:

1. Gift cards are perfect for picky people. Add some pre-loaded $20 and $40 cards into retail displays and gift packages. Entice your customers to try a new service, while you’re at it, and offer gift cards with purchases of services within the salon.

gift cards
2. Packaging is a big deal. Our prepackaged holiday gift boxes have popular products and eye-catching design that will make buying easy for clients.

3. Make it easy! Focus on one promotion a month to organize an all-encompassing campaign.
4. Make sure your customer gets a little treat for shopping, too. Offer a “two for them, one for me (and free)” promotion where they get a small freebie for purchasing a holiday deal. That way, they’ll get a little boost for their product arsenal!
5. Create a stocking stuffer station. Decorate a table with travel-size products and festive candy.

6. Market specifically for “Small Business Saturday” on November 25.
7. Advertise on social media with photos of retail and holiday promotions. Ask clients to mention a certain Instagram post to receive a percentage off their holiday retail purchases.
8. Package your retail in attractive, unique ways and offer free gift wrapping with glamorous touches like shiny wrapping paper and detailed bows, ribbons, and tags.
9. Wrap a few top-selling products and place them next to unwrapped versions on the retail shelves.
10. Offer different price points for holiday items: $20 or less, between $20 to $40, and above $40.
11. Decorate your salon mid-November. Incorporate Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, and different cultural ways of celebrating Christmas into your design.

12. Get the opinion of your staff and customers on when the holiday music should start. We recommend holding off on blaring holiday music 24/7 until about a week before. Your guests will appreciate it!
13. Place holiday promotions in your most high traffic retail areas. That way, customers have to stumble upon your offerings before finding their usual favorite products that lie on the second and third shelf.

Don’t ignore the holiday! Worst case scenario—you don’t sell much, but you spread cheer! That’s something mother nature can’t take away, no matter how cold it gets!

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