Use Your Website to Attract Millennials to Your Salon


Your website is the face of your business—an instrumental tool in targeting and engaging the clients you want, especially Millennials. At 75 million strong, Millennials are the most populous generation in the United States. But, what are they looking for when it comes to salon services, and how can your website attract them to your salon?

Just the Facts

Millennials demand authenticity. Flowery language and overselling doesn’t work with Millennials so make sure your website outlines exactly what services you offer and avoids embellishment. For example, Millennials want to know that your salon offers a hair stylist that’s specifically trained in balayage with a gallery to prove it, not that all your stylists offer “premier hair services.” Just tell them what your salon truly offers, plain and simple.

Keep an Eye on Public Feedback

It goes without saying that Millennials are rabid consumers of technology and social media. Making sure that your social media and branding reflect your salon’s offerings is key. Potential clients will have already done online research before contacting your salon. It’s almost impossible not to have any negative reviews, but if you are on top of them and responding in a timely way, potential clients will see your perspective and that you are responsive. Millennials may even find you through social media or review sites, so make sure you have a strong and positive presence. In addition, encourage your current clients to share their new looks or allow you to document your work for your Instagram or other social media accounts. And, of course, promote your hashtag!

Build a Brand

To attract Millennials, build a brand that will resonate with them. For example, make sure the images, colors, and feel of your website are relatable to the Millennial set. Millennials strike a balance of making emotional connections with brands while assessing the facts and value. They need to be able to see themselves in your chair and anticipate coming out with a whole new look. They have to trust that they’re in good hands at your salon and building a brand can build that trust, but they are also more interested in value than other generations.

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