Your Town's Hottest New YouTube Sensation


If you heard my recent talk on how we are losing expert status as an industry, then you understand my take on how we are adversely impacted by all of the YouTube videos “teaching” clients about hair. The shame is that we are forcing our clients to use these sources since we are not ultimately carrying the torch.

My solution – become your area’s next YouTube sensation! It is really not that difficult.

You know all of the common requests and issues clients experience. Whether it is beachy waves, volume or the perfect smooth blowout. There are probably about 10-15 different common requests. Have your team shoot a video of each hair issue to create a small library for your salon. The videos can be used on all social media channels, shown to clients while in the salon, as well as direct email to view at home. It’s a great way to showcase “your” products too!

Some basic tips on shooting the videos:

  • Have good lighting.
  • Make sure there is limited background noise. (not during a busy day in the salon)
  • Talk your client through the look as you go.
  • For longer videos, you may want to edit/cut it/speed it up so it keeps the video to less than 7 minutes. There are some good free apps.
  • Decide whether you want to shoot it first person and do your own hair while looking through a mirror (like a client would do at home) or perform on a model. I prefer first person, like a client.

You are the expert. You should be their source of expertise. Never again will your clients wander on the INTERNET for their hair needs. How impressed will they be when you have a tutorial ready to go the next time they express a hair-issue at home?!

Josh Hafetz
Art of Business

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