Salon Owner Flourishes with Insight from Art of Business


​No matter how much experience you have in the beauty industry, nothing can replace business savvy.  

“A lot of successful stylists know how to work behind the chair, but don’t know how to work behind the office chair,” said Rebecca Kunkle, Salon Owner at Midtown Hair Company in York, Pennsylvania.

In June, she’ll be celebrating the 6th anniversary of her salon, a labor of love after more than 10 years of successful hairdressing, including a seven-year post in two of the top startup salons in New York City. A large part of the salon’s success is due to her relationship with Art of Business, she said.

 “I thought I had all the information. In reality, I just knew how to work very hard behind the chair and not as hard on my business.”

Art of Business offers something that many other distributors do not—business education. They provide tools and do the heavy lifting so you can break down the business side of the beauty industry, versus doing 100 haircuts a day and trying to keep up. It’s not about working harder, it’s about working smarter. 

From classes to salon business specialists to online materials, you can’t do anything at Art of Business without stumbling into business advice, tips and instruction. The company’s goal is to harness the creativity and artistry of stylists into truly successful careers. This means going beyond technical inspiration and introducing programs and ideas that make a meaningful financial difference in their lives. 

Introduction to Art of Business 

She’ll never forget her introduction to Art of Business, Kunkle said. The salon business specialist suggested a level system of pricing for haircuts, which is something she, a newly minted salon owner, implemented right out of the gate with great success. 

The level system is a tier-based model of pricing, with multiple levels of pricing depending on the experience of the staff. As a salon, you can hit a wider range of clients, from the more price sensitive to the ones wishing to spend more money, because each stylist is based at a different tier of pricing. 

When she heard this advice, she knew this relationship was going to be different. Art of Business was about more than just getting your products. 

Why Art of Business? 

Giving clients the results they want extends beyond a simple haircut or color. Having support from a distributor adds a layer of professionalism to your business because it impacts how stylists communicate with clients and what retail products they offer, not to mention how they offer them. 

Art of Business only distributes product that’s exclusive to hair salons. Why? It keeps the professionalism in the salon, allowing stylists to bring in another stream of revenue and offer expert advice and product recommendations. 

Tips for Success with Art of Business 

“Salon success comes down to customer service, experience, your consultation with clients and your follow-up to get honest feedback and then improve on areas of weakness.”

Be open minded about hearing suggestions for your business and your team members to get the best out of your experience. 

“Be willing to listen to Art of Business staff because they have so much knowledge. I’ve trusted their recommendations and it’s very much worked out.”

Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you’re struggling. Everyone, from internal staff to educators, will have great pieces of advice and set you in the right direction. 

“Three or so of my staff have the salon business specialist’s cell phone number. They will reach out to her whenever they have questions,” she said. “Two wanted to be educators and the salon business specialist helped them reach out and make connections to start the process.” 

For salon owners, she suggests taking The Institute and The Art of Business classes for inspiration and motivation. Finally, she offered advice for how to be a successful salon. Encourage your team with great management, giving them that personal touch and furthering their education so they have the knowledge to succeed. 

“Give an unforgettable, consistent service, give a great product, know your bottom line, set goals, manage your numbers and grow your team.”

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