How Often Should I Update My Salon?


Salon style is continually evolving and changing, and customers want to visit a business that matches their current tastes, which means that updating the salon is an essential part of maintaining and growing business. How often should you update the salon? Make small changes seasonally and plan for more significant changes in the upcoming years. A change in the look of your salon will alter the attitude (not to mention, the number) of customers walking in and out the door.

Magazines - Monthly

Coffee table magazines should always be current. Put personality into your selection and add books on photography, fashion, food, and travel—even comics!

Decor - Seasonally

What is life without a trip to Target? To keep up with the seasons, change out flowers, candles, pillows, and artwork.

Furniture - Twice a Year

Rearrange your seating at least twice a year. It’s always a good thing to move furniture and retail around since dust can easily accumulate under those items.

Deep Clean - Twice a Year

Give your salon a deep clean yourself or hire a commercial cleaning service (we recommend a company, so you can kick your feet up and have some downtime). Spring is a great time to do a cleaning from top to bottom, but consider cleaning in January or July, too, since it’s a little slower than average in those months.

Stylist tools, bathrooms, floors, and manicure/pedicure stations should already be cleaned regularly, but a deep clean doesn’t hurt. Don’t forget to detail clean the nail polish bottles! Sell ones you want to get rid of for $1 to $2 at the reception desk.

Capes, Towels - Once a Year

Invest in capes with the snaps and zippers sewn into the garments—not glued on with tape or adhesive—and they may last longer. Make sure you’re purchasing bleach-proof towels that won’t become stained or spotted with regular use. In general, replace these items once a year.

New Products and Displays - Every 2 Years

Bring in new products, change your shelving, and show customers you’re committed to the industry with cutting-edge products.

Paint - Every 5 Years

Touch up the ceilings with paint as needed—it’s the main thing clients see while they’re at the shampoo bowl. The next best impression to make is the front door. Put a logo and hours of operation on the front, if you're feeling fancy. Paint your walls (or an accent wall) every five years. A fresh coat can make a dramatic effect at a low cost when compared to updating your entire salon decor.

Equipment - Every 5 to 7 Years

We work with customers updating or remodeling their salon, customers wanting to open a new salon, and any others wanting to purchase salon furniture in general. Art of Business has a Professional Store & Furniture Showroom that’s open Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. We have used equipment available for purchase, called Cash & Carry, and we also deliver and service anything purchased from us. Tim McKinney, Furniture Sales & Service Manager, is available at (855) 721-5250 ext. 1214 or through email at [email protected]

We may get used to our surroundings and not pay attention to what the salon looks like, but customers notice! The longer you wait to update, the more outdated your salon is going to look. The good news is that it’s easier than ever to make changes (and Pinterest is a goldmine for ideas)! Set a goal to update a few items on this list and make a plan to tackle long-term updates in the next few years.

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