Testimonial: Seven-Time Salon Owner Shares Why He Chooses Art of Business for Remodels


Just imagine…you’re purchasing a 7,000-square-foot old building and rehabbing it or…building it from the ground up to create a large salon and spa experience…not an easy task!

Either way, salons require a tremendous amount of planning, space utilization, flow, function, and aesthetic appreciation! In creating an environment where 20 to 40 people might be working, you gotta have all your ducks in a row, “T’s” crossed, and “I’s” dotted.

Well…imagine doing it seven times over again! Terry Derr, who recently opened his seventh salon in Sinking Spring, Pennsylvania, knows how to do it and what it takes. Each salon is unique to its building and character of the area, and yet there is a certain charm, elegance, and sameness to each of the salons. If you’re ever around eastern Pennsylvania and want to stop in and see one of the salons, I’m sure Terry would be honored to have you take a peek.

Terry was kind enough to share some feelings with our readers:

“Lords and Ladies Salon and Medical Spa chose to work with Art of Business because they can provide us with the look that aligns with our overall feel. Their support system and knowledge are very beneficial when it comes to choosing just the right décor for our salons. The Art of Business Salon Furniture Team stands out, helping us to design and furnish our salons in a manner to complement our historic and elegant buildings. We are always impressed with how prompt and dedicated they are in making sure we reach our goal—and on time!

For the past 42 years of my career, the Hafetz’s and Art of Business have been there to support us in all our endeavors. They are a big reason for our success.”

Terry and Lori Derr
Owners of Lords and Ladies Salons

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