Message from Josh: What I Learned During Shutdown


To all my salon industry peeps,

I felt compelled to share a few thoughts I had bouncing in my brain when I think of the last two months.

About two months ago to the day, most of us were anxiously awaiting the moment to get back behind the chair and flip the lights back on. During our three months of quarantine, where the industry we love was temporarily taken from us by a pandemic, I had two prevailing thoughts.

The first was how awesome our industry is because of the people in it and what we do for the world. As the general population's hair and self-confidence associated with how they look began to unwind, the power of what we do was never more evident. So, simply, the emotion I had was gratitude for all of you and our industry.

After two months of grinding behind the chair like never before, let's make sure we don't forget the feeling we had when we weren't able to do our jobs. Let's make sure we don't let fatigue and busyness crowd out gratitude for the opportunity to touch people's lives and have a career doing what we love.

The second thing I remember thinking during the shutdown was all the improvements I wanted to make to better myself and our business. The list of ideas to improve became long as I piled in Zoom meeting after Zoom meeting of various speakers. Now that we are back into some sort of routine, that list and those desires seem to slowly slide further and further on to the backburner.

Now, my reflection is to choose to fight that tendency and keep my attention on these items that will make a huge difference for me. I am heartened by some of the stories I have heard from salons about meaningful changes they have made coming out of the shutdown. Let's collectively keep adding to these stories. Let's not have the critical soul-searching we did get eclipsed by the tyranny of the urgent. Whatever that means to each of us, I challenge you all to tackle it.

Good luck and stay safe,

President of Art of Business

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