Leadership = Teaching: Josh's Thoughts on Cultivating Our Industry


Having spent much time hanging with salon owners over the past year, I can tell you that there is without a doubt one prevailing issue most every salon is facing; not enough stylists to keep up with client demand. While needing stylists is nothing new for our industry, what is unique is that currently, there is plenty of consumer demand. In other words, many salons are turning away appointments.

Now more than ever, salon leaders need to adopt the “servants mentality” for their current staff and future stars. Stylists are the most critical customer of the salon leader, so dedicating your energy to inspiring, teaching, and mentoring them is your number one mission. It’s up to you to help your team get the best version of themselves with the help of your leadership.

The only predictable and sustainable way to grow your team of stylists is to keep your current engaged and create a huge focus on recruiting and developing new talent. Your salon should be a “teaching salon” for potential stars. It’s up to us to groom and train a whole new generation of talented hairdressers, and the salons that excel at this will be the ones that thrive. The great news is that huge client demand is waiting for them once they get up and running. That, combined with the benefits of social media, means their success can happen quickly with the proper mentorship.


  Written by Josh Hafetz, AOB President 

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