5 Ways to Get More Clients Through Your Instagram


Stylists, we know you have busy lives, so we’re dishing out some Instagram tips that don’t require you to work harder, just smarter. Ultimately, using our advice will grow your business, give you more followers, and bring in new clients. If you’re a stylist and posting your work on Instagram (every stylist should) we encourage you to consider the following:

Personal vs. Professional
Keep your personal Instagram separate from your professional Instagram account. If you throw yourself in a party picture on a professional account with clients following you, it may give a bad impression and could lose you a few customers.

Make up your mind if you want to keep your page strictly professional. At the end of the day, if you want to grow your client base and be successful, you should keep your account professional. You can always keep a second account that’s for personal use—preferably under a name that people won’t confuse with your professional account.

What’s In Your Bio?
Include your location in your bio—salon and city, state—so that people can easily find your account. Your bio should be clean, creative, short, and listed as bullet points. Don’t be afraid to use some personality and emojis. You may also want to mention the brands you use and specialities like short haircuts, balayage, or nails.

The link in your bio is also critical, as this is how customers will book appointments and contact you. If you take appointments online, make sure to include a link to the salon website or Facebook page.

Tag Your Salon
Tag your salon in photos and use your salon’s hashtags. You can gain followers from your salon’s Instagram and your salon’s Instagram can gain followers from you. It’s a win-win!

How to Hashtag
If you want to grow your client base, hashtagging your county and city is what’s going to get you clients. For example, if you work in Philly, use #Philly in your posts. Make sure not to use the same hashtags in every post—change them up because Instagram is always changing its algorithm.

Post Your Passion
Post what you’re passionate about! Are you an expert in balayage? Reds? Do you love experimenting? Love weddings/updos? Once you post what you’re passionate about, remain consistent and focus on creating high-quality photos of your passion, whether it’s braids, Cezanne before and afters, or haircuts.

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