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Come back stronger as a stylist and salon owner after the COVID-19 shutdowns by watching our Happy Hour Conversations with Josh Hafetz, President of Art of Business. Learn more about the ways to create revenue streams while the salon is closed and build on good business practices by furthering education on small business loans, payroll, the CARES Act, and other important topics.

Happy Hour 1 - Ideas to Make Money While Your Salon is Closed

Happy Hour 2 - Understanding New Coronavirus Related Legislation With Special Guest, Jill Welch, Attorney

Happy Hour 3 - What to Know About Small Business Loans

Happy Hour 4 - Improve Your Business While You’re Out of Business

Happy Hour 5 - What Salons Need to Know About the C.A.R.E.S. Act

Happy Hour 6 - The Payroll Protection Program 2.0

Happy Hour 7 - Special Guest: Heather Yurko

Happy Hour 8 - Your Grand Re-Opening With Special Guest: Paula Henson

Happy Hour 9 - The Retail Game: It's Game on or Game Over

Happy Hour 10 - All Things Social Media With Special Guest: Jamie Dana

Happy Hour 11 - Leadership in Time of Crisis With Kellie Johnson

Happy Hour 12 – The Power of Client Connection in the Post-Pandemic World With John DiJulius

Happy Hour 13 – Happy Hour With Josh Hafetz and Geno Stampora

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