Congrats to the Essay Winners!


By everything we hear... C.A.M.P. 2017 was a super hit! Both first time and veteran C.A.M.P.ers all seemed to be enthralled with the great line up! Lead by C.A.M.P. veteran Geno Stampora and equal greats Bryan Nunes, Bennie Pollard, Paula Henson, Doug Cox, Jay Williams, Shane Price and a host of others. The weather was terrific and so fun was had day and night!

We wanted to give a congratulations to the Essay Winners and thank you to all who participated!

1ST PLACE Alex Thibodeau, Epic: A Michael Allen Salon, York, PA

“I’ve learned so much this weekend, but one concept that sticks out in my mind is... “changing my thinking.” Why should I compare myself to people who have been in this industry 10, 20, 30 years longer than I have? Why am I losing passion for something I love so much? It’s up to me to bring out my confidence from within and up to me to pursue things that inspire me! I want and need to produce my own service brand- my own attitude, my own style, my own drive to succeed. I must actively work to keep learning and growing to build confidence and to create my own fabulous brand.”

2ND PLACE Madison Brehm, Head to Toe Salon and Spa, Tunkhannock, PA

“I decided I am going to create my own sensational personal service brand and be someone who will make a mark. I pledge to never stop being relentless in my pursuit to build my business and get new clients. I will make certain to never forget the difference of “what I am” and “what I can be.” I never want to lose faith, confidence, and belief in myself.”

3RD PLACE Erin Sherman, Head to Toe Salon and Spa, Tunkhannock, PA

“My job isn’t about making people look beautiful it’s about making them feel beautiful. If I can start everyday with the goal of making someone feel more beautiful than when they walk in, I know I will become that true professional person that I have always wanted to be.”

See you next year at C.A.M.P., September 8-10, 2018!

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