Everything You Need to Know about Facebook Live!


Facebook Live is a primary feature that offers live-streaming videos to share with your followers and friends. By tapping the live stream icon, broadcast video live on your smartphone or tablet. Any followers will have the ability to “tune in” to the broadcast. Videos will appear in News Feed and on the broadcaster's Page or profile while they are live. When the live is over, the video will show up on the timeline shortly after it's finished processing.

2018 is the year of video, with Facebook Live at the helm, leading the pack. Millions of users live stream on Facebook around the world. Why should you do Facebook Live? Real-time video is exciting because users see it as genuine. It's a great way to build community and strengthen the relationship your followers have with the brands you carry.

Live-streaming a video doesn't just impact that post. When you go on Facebook Live more often, your non-live content also receives more exposure. When you go live, fans are exposed to your brand even if they don’t watch the live video—they're subtly encouraged to check out your Facebook Page.

Give it a try. Even if things go wrong, your equipment fails, you can't find a good Wi-Fi signal, and you get photobombed by a random stranger, keep the camera rolling and don't be afraid to call it out! That's what makes you human...and that's what makes you interesting! Here are some things you should know about Facebook Live:
Promote ahead of time with graphics, ideally a week ahead of time, and then a day ahead as a reminder. Post across all your platforms to promote; not just Facebook.

Who will be filming the Facebook Live? Instead of using a tripod to hold your camera, make it interesting by having a camera person to film, read off questions from viewers, and ask questions themselves!

Introduce yourself, your model, and the style you will be completing. Explain why you chose this for their hair or face shape. Take your time and talk slow, as this will be the time when we are waiting for viewers to join. Use your best judgment. If no one is watching when the Live starts, wait until you have a few viewers.

End your live video with a full spin of the model. If it is a color or cut you just performed, maybe add a style at the end for an extra pop of interest.

Be sure to say goodbye to viewers and end with a call to action! Encourage them to check out your website to book an appointment. Some viewers may not watch your video live, but let them know that any questions in the comments will be monitored and answered ASAP!

We hope you give Facebook Live the green light in 2018. It’s certainly a feature that will become a main staple on every social media platform!

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