How Does My Salon Start a YouTube Channel?


YouTube is a video sharing platform with an endless potential to share your craft. No matter what your interests are, you can find an audience for your content on YouTube. Whether building a personal portfolio, teaching clients some looks from home, or becoming a beauty influencer is your goal, ask these crucial questions before you start a YouTube channel as a salon or hairdresser.

Branding the Channel

Time is precious in the hair industry—and it doesn’t seem like there’s much to spare. You can waste a lot of time fussing over details that will mean nothing if you don’t have the right strategy. Dig into these questions about branding and the videos will be a breeze.

Why do you want to start a YouTube channel? If you can’t answer that, then where do your passion and knowledge lie? Why do you want to share your content with people? There has to be a takeaway for viewers. This takeaway will also be why they return and ultimately “subscribe.”

What will the content be? The options are sometimes overwhelming, but we recommend starting with a single topic. Common videos include coaching salons on how to build their business or hair color and styling tutorials. A more beauty blogger type option involves reviewing or demonstrating hair products.

How are you going to do this? Yes, we’re back to talking about time. How much time are you going to need? What equipment are you going to use? Where are you going to film your videos?


Now that we’ve asked the questions, we need to get down to equipment and setup. Good lighting is everything, especially when doing hair and makeup tutorials. It’s incredible what two LED ring lights will do. (These lights are excellent for in-salon photos, too.) The background should be clean and shouldn’t compete with the content of the video. Purchasing a backdrop is a good option. Find a color you like with a quick Google search for “seamless paper backdrops.” Filming in a salon environment is also interesting, and should be done after hours when it’s quiet.


With good lighting and a controlled environment, you could get away with doing videos on your iPhone. However, if you’re serious about video, purchase a DSLR (what most YouTubers use). DSLR cameras from brands like Canon and Nikon will cost around $800-$1,500 (for new models). We recommend buying the “body only” version of the camera and investing the rest of your money in a good lens. The lens is what will allow you to shoot quality video in a variety of environments.


With good lighting and a professional camera, any YouTube video is possible. However, to take your channel to the next level and save some time, invest in a monitor. A monitor displays what’s going on in your frame as you’re filming—no surprises! It means that you won’t record an entire 30-minute video only to find out later that you had something in your teeth and have to re-record all over again.

Salons and stylists can reach a broader audience by running a successful YouTube channel. Of course, the reason to start a YouTube channel should always be to share your passion, first and foremost. The primary goal shouldn’t be to get followers or subscribers and become viral or famous—people know if you’re forcing it. If you start a channel and continually share your information and skills, the audience will naturally follow.

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