How to Clean Hair Brushes and Tools


Maintain a high level of professionalism by cleaning hair brushes and tools at your station. Oftentimes, a clean set of tools is not only a nice gesture, but required by law.


Keeping your brushes clean means they’ll hold up longer, although a general rule of thumb is to replace hair brushes every six months to a year.

Remove product residue and excess hair from brushes using a wide or fine tooth comb immediately following every service. Then, pull out the remaining hair with your hands.

To deep clean your hairbrushes and combs, fill a bowl with warm water, one teaspoon shampoo, and a teaspoon of baking soda. Dip a toothbrush in the mixture and scrub the base or pad of your brush. Rinse under tap water. Spray with a chemical disinfectant and let air dry to complete the cleaning process.

If you’re cleaning a wood brush, like the ones from EVO and Davines, keep the wood out of the water as much as possible.


Different states have different requirements for sanitizing tools, but uncleanliness is never acceptable. Pay attention, so the salon stays in compliance. Here are overall guidelines for disinfecting instruments in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, according to the State Boards of Cosmetology.


Razors for hair, tweezers, combs, hairbrushes, and other tools, instruments, utensils, and appliances that come into contact with a client shall be sanitized immediately after each use and maintained in a sanitary condition at all times.

New Jersey

A licensee shall sanitize all implements and tools by:
1.  Cleaning all implements and tools thoroughly with a mild alkaline detergent to remove any soil, blood or any other foreign material;
2.  Rinsing all implements and tools with tap water after cleaning;
3.  Processing all implements and devices with a chemical disinfectant registered by the Environmental Protection Agency and labeled as being tuberculocidal for a contact time as specified on the product label or processing all implements and tools in an autoclave registered with the Federal Food and Drug Administration;
4.  Following a manufacturer's instructions when using chemical disinfectant; and
5.  Allowing disinfected implements and tools to be air dried and storing them in a clean drawer.

Perform the job to the best of your abilities with a tidy set of brushes and tools. Shop brushes and combs from Davines, EVO, and YS Park at Art of Business.

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