How to Start an Instagram Strategy for Salon and Stylist Accounts


Megan Schipani (@shmeggsandbaconn) had 600 followers in 2015 when she started posting consistently on Instagram. In 2017, she won a Behind the Chair One Shot award before she even received her license. Now, she’s amassed 70,900 followers on Instagram, has won another One Shot (not to mention her nine nominations), and is regularly featured by Modern Salon, American Salon, and Behind the Chair. All in three years. All from social media. 

Instagram can drastically change the trajectory of a salon or stylist’s business. A reshare from a popular hair account can mean thousands of likes and followers—and can completely change foot traffic in the salon. When stylists and salons combine their Instagram efforts, they increase visibility, grow clientele, showcase the best work possible for customers, and increase business. Here’s how salons and stylists can team up to expand business through Instagram.

Step 1: Reshare Stylists

Cross-promoting on social media is the act of sharing content from one social account or to another. We recommend that salons cross-promote their stylists by resharing stylist Instagram posts to the salon Instagram accounts using an app. Here’s a helpful article from Hubspot on four ways to repost.

When salons reshare and tag the stylist in the photo, that photo shows up in the stylist’s account, which increases the chances that someone will follow the salon Instagram on Facebook. After all, we can’t assume that the people who follow a specific stylist on Instagram also follow the salon’s Instagram—we have to capture that traffic for ourselves.

Step 2: Tag the Salon in Photos

Reversely, stylists should tag the salon in every one of their photos. That way, potential clients know to follow the salon on Instagram, which is the primary account that will promote sales, contests, and any other incentives that get customers to return.

Step 3: Turn Social Photos Into Physical Photo Albums

Organize physical photo albums into different stylists or categories using Instagram photos from stylists. For example, keep a binder full of wedding updos, highlights, vivid hair, men’s cuts, lobs, etc.

Step 4: Write Instagram Handles on Each Mirror

If you stop at step four, you’re well on your way to good Instagram pairing strategy for salons and stylists. This step is another way to bring the digital world into the physical world. Encourage customers to share their selfies and tag the stylist and salon by writing the Instagram handles on the mirror. The salon could offer an incentive of $5 off their next service by coming to their next appointment and showing the tagged photo.

Step 5: Add an Instagram Feed Widget to the Website

Some clients go straight to Google to find a salon, and they’re looking for something that stands out. If that’s the case, keep the website updated by adding the salon’s Instagram feed to the homepage. If the salon’s Instagram is consistently cross-promoting their stylists, clients will get a good idea of the services performed by the business. If you don’t have the option to add a widget, then at least link to each stylist's Instagram page in their website bio. 

Step 6: Don't Forget About Facebook

Salons and stylists can grow their business by sharing Instagram photos to the salon Facebook page, too! If you’re really advanced, create a pinned post at the top of the business page feed that lists all the social channels for the salon and the stylists.

Whatever system you devise to collaborate on a salon-wide Instagram strategy, we’re confident that you have the tools in this article to hit the ground running. Now that you’ve mastered Instagram, what will you tackle next? Visit our blog for more ideas on social media strategy.

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