In-Salon Education


Your competitive difference is critical. Talk one-on-one with your staff in order to find out what each member feels they need to learn (i.e. technical skills, retailing, product knowledge, communication.) Remember, “education breeds confidence, confidence breeds success.” The very best salons are the ones that are best trained. Make your salon stand out with well-trained staff in both technical and non-technical skills.

Technical Training
• Hair cutting
• Finishing skills
• Hair color technique and formulation
• Men’s cutting classes
• Up-styling

Professional Training
• Image (“dress for success”)
• Effective communication
• Professional selling
• Product knowledge
• Positive attitude development
• Effective client consultations

Well-trained staff are more motivated and productive. In-salon classes foster and encourage teamwork and success! If you would like assistance in helping build your in-salon training program, contact your Art of Business Sales Consultant or give us a call!

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