Our Partnership with EDU X Takes Haircutting to the Next Level


Sometimes it takes a break in the mold to get our attention, which brings us to EDU X.

Art of Business is pairing with EDU X, an independent education company, to offer stylists a different way to learn the craft of hairdressing. In the upcoming months, they’ll be offering a 2-day intensive course called Foundations throughout select locations in Pennsylvania.

Emily Costello, Owner and Creative Director, said EDU X is about exploring the “why” behind everything. Foundations isn’t a trend haircutting class—it doesn’t even feature any brands.

“We don’t teach haircuts; we teach techniques.”

EDU X’s class is about being realistic and fair to stylists behind the chair. The EDU X team wants students to apply what they’ve learned every single day in life behind the chair.

“It’s open to everyone who wants to push themselves and raise their standards.”

The ability for stylists to explain a haircut is powerful, and that’s precisely the feeling EDU X wants to evoke. Pick one thing out of the client’s visit—whether it’s the cut, color, or grooming—and make it exceptional, borderline spiritual, if possible.

Before you get into the rigorous haircutting, the EDU X team delves into theory-based discussion, advice, and mentorship. Jordan, the Director of Education, has Allilon training and teaches and leads the classes, Em, with a majority of her education background coming from Sasson, explains theory, and Adam is all about hands-on cutting. Together, they modify and continuously collaborate on how to make the quality of the class better.

“We also take time to go to classes. You have to practice what you preach.”

Each team member has a different style, so students drawn to a particular teaching style or energy can find their match in one of the educators.

With an intimate setting of around 6-12 students, their goal is to simplify the jargon, break things down to the base level, and make an accessible space where haircutting becomes a community, not competition.

Purchase tickets to EduX Education and learn more about the program on the Edu X website.

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