The Gallery Turns 40!


Upon its founding, the Gallery was the only facility of its kind. As a result, it became the epicenter for international artists to showcase their talents.

Most notably, during the 1980s, in which British hairdressing was hitting its peak, countless huge names made the Gallery a regular stopping point. World-class icons such as Toni and Guy, Paul Mitchell, Trevor Sorbie and Ervin Rusk all performed at the Gallery before having any product lines with their names on them. It was often joked that upon arriving in the U.S., many of these artists just assumed they would be heading to NYC or a major metro area and would be shocked as they made the journey to Reading, PA.

“Ironically, for a period of time, Reading was the hot spot for British hairdressing education” jokes Howard Hafetz, founder of the Gallery. “It was like when the Beatles came to NYC.”

Art of Business is committed to continue leading the industry by inspiring and training hairstylists. With a new look, Art of Business is excited to continue the great heritage of the Gallery. It will continue to stand as an iconic destination for countless stylists seeking to ignite their passion and careers. It will be exciting to see the list of spectacular artists to grace the gallery stage expand over the next 40 years!

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