Weigh the Pros and Cons Between a Personal and Business Instagram Page


The rules of Instagram can be confusing, and tedious.

A big question arising in the Instagram world right now is - Should I switch from a personal to a business profile? This is such a broad question, and it’s truly different for everyone and what they want to accomplish. There are many different pros and cons and results for both sides.

Personal: The type of profile made for advertising daily life, from dogs to drinks on a Friday night. Gaining sales or reach from this type of page doesn’t have a point.

Business: More of a professional base, for gaining engagement and sales. Business accounts are strictly focused on the business without any personal additives. This type of profile provides analytics and data on profile activity, content, and audience.

Pros and Cons of an Instagram Business Page

1. It’s FREE!
2. Gives access to analytics such as engagement rate, and reach of posts, as well as showing the best times to post.
3. Provides the opportunity to create ads, which is a straightforward process. Get more likes, views, followers, clients, and send people the salon website, all with a few clicks.
4. Opens a door for better communication, such as allowing followers to merely click on the “contact” button on the home page.

1. Being labeled as a business takes the socialness out of Instagram. There’s a possibility the page could lose followers because it’s not as relatable.
2. For best results, the page should strictly be for business, restricting an overabundance of personal posts. Making two separate pages for personal life and work is always an option!
3. A business Facebook page is needed for a business Instagram page.
4. Organic reach (engagement not paid for with social ads) goes out the door. Social ads are the next big thing with business pages.

Creating a business page isn’t for everyone. Many factors play into the big decision of fleeing a beloved personal life on Instagram. Deciding if the functionality outways the cost is hard, so make sure to weigh both the pros and cons before making a final decision.

Try testing out a business page for a month or two, and make sure to measure the growth and analytics during that time. How is your reach versus engagement rate? Are you getting more sales, or is the engagement rate lower now than it was with a personal page?

It’s quite easy to switch back to a personal account. Delete the Facebook page associated with the account, and then click “switch to personal account” under settings. The ultimate goal is to create the perfect platform that builds a successful lifestyle for work and play.

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