What Should I Share on my Instagram as a Stylist?


Whether you’re a veteran of the Instagram community or a newbie hoping to get some ideas for your posting schedule, read our thoughts below on what to share with your followers. (Warning! These ideas are best used on professional stylist accounts to increase your business; no personal posting—that’s what your own Instagram account is for!)

1. Take a photo and tell your following when you’re at a trade show, education event, or seminar! The fact that you’re furthering your passion and career says that you care about their hair. Take a photo of the event brochure, a picture of your work (along with something you learned in the caption), a quick video of the event, or get a selfie with a celebrity stylist! Make sure to use the hashtag of the event and—if you’re feeling daring—capture a day-in-the-life video in your Instagram Stories.

2. If your salon has a go-to product that you use in everyone’s hair, share it. An Instagram photo will only help you sell more of that product and show your passion for the brand your salon carries. Take a picture with the product or have your clients get a photo with it. Before you publish, just make sure you tag the brand in the photo and, voila, you’ve got yourself an easy weekly post with impact.

3. Let’s talk before and afters. Yes, we realize sometimes this is intimidating, but we know you have complete confidence with your clients, so it can’t hurt to ask. Asking your clients to be in a social media photo makes them feel special, and it doesn’t take long; merely walk them to an area in your salon where the lighting is perfect and snap the photo before you sit down for the consultation. If they’re self-conscious, only take a picture of the back of their hair. Then, MAKE A HABIT to snap that “after” photo with them while you’re heading up to the front desk! To get them comfortable in front of the camera, encourage them to take a selfie or take a selfie with you!

4. Consistent photos! It’s so important to use the same area in your salon for client photos. Do you have a step and repeat vinyl backdrop (preferably with your logo on it)? Do you have a ring light (or a well-lit area)? What about a plain white wall? Wherever you take your photos, make sure you at least adjust the brightness and contrast to ensure the highlights and shadows are exposed correctly. Whatever you do, don’t add filters!

Now that you have some ideas, get your Instagram handle printed on a window cling (or draw on your mirror in dry erase marker) and start promoting yourself. While you’re at it, give us a follow on Instagram (@art_of_business)!

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