5 Things You Don't Think of Purchasing for Your Salon


Opening or renovating a salon requires new equipment, supplies, pricing, hiring employees, developing a client base, and the list goes on. After the main bases are covered, don’t miss out on purchasing these five things that will create a point of difference in the salon.

1. Retail Shelves

Shelves for retail are a no-brainer, but think beyond the shelf and put how the display into perspective. Consider grabbing a guest’s attention during upcoming holidays or encouraging a purchase at the reception area.

2. Plants

Plants enhance any studio space and are relatively inexpensive. Aside from aesthetic purposes, plants serve a practical purpose to better a person’s everyday life. Studies have proven that having plants indoors reduces stress levels, boosts moods, improves concentration and productivity! Houseplants, in this case salon plants, also remove up to 87 percent of air toxins in 24 hours. Weigh in all of the hairspray, color, lightener, and other product particles in the air and that is enough to start looking at succulents in a different way.

3. A Ring Light

Remember, ring lights aren’t just for selfies! For most hair artists, social media is another outlet to share their online portfolio. A ring light simulates natural lighting (if you don’t have any) and allows stylists to take photos inside, especially on those rainy days when taking photos outside is off limits. Sharing photos that capture a client’s new color, cut, or style will not only better a salon or stylist’s page, it also presents an opportunity to welcome new clients!

4. A Drink Menu

Rather than asking guests if they’d like a drink, offer them a menu instead! They’ll be less likely to say no and more willing to order one of the options given. Coffee, water, cocktails, sodas or teas are refreshments that will entice almost anyone.

5. Decor

Create an inviting environment for stylists and clients. Decor sets the tone for a business, no matter if it’s family-friendly, modern, or edgy. Before decorating, start with a mood board to get a feel of what color and style represents the studio. A variety of artwork, furnishing, or accessories provide inspiration and personality.

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