Salon Owner Stands Out With Equipment Support From Art of Business


Dia Studio is a spa-like salon located 20 minutes outside New York City, operated by Salon Owner Daniela Zlatanovska. With help from Art of Business, she renovated her 1,300-square-foot salon in five months.

Daniela Zlatanovska, Owner of Dia Studio“There is a lot of pressure, and opening a salon is not easy if you’re determined to do things the right way,” she said. “Art of Business not only helped me design the furniture; they were supportive and accommodating with changes.”

As Dia Studio celebrates their first anniversary, we’re dissecting things to consider when purchasing salon equipment for a remodeling project, and how Art of Business can assist.


Salon owners should first consider their budget and the expectations they have on durability and quality. Price ranges vary on salon equipment, from disposable furniture from the internet, all the way up to European furniture that are practically works of art. The difference is not only quality but the support that goes along with a salon equipment purchase.

Art of Business provides full-service salon equipment support. They uncrate the order, assemble the furniture, install into the salon, and make repairs as needed throughout the lifetime of the purchase.


The next concern any salon owner has when starting a renovation is space. Daniela’s salon contains a front desk, retail shelves, five stations, a makeup area, and a separate room for color (that includes three sinks, three color stations, and two color processors). The business can quickly get cluttered during busy times of the year. For the salon to feel clean and comfortable to work in, she wanted to hide extra wires and build everything into the station. She also included movable carts next to the stations, so stylists could move them as needed.

Dia Studio Salon Stations

Consult Art of Business to determine what will fit inside the salon. We have many options from all the major salon equipment brands and can provide custom alterations—all it takes is a visit to our showroom. For example, Daniela was able to modify the station she liked to include a half mirror, instead of a full-length mirror, and a ledge for coffee cups.


With 25 years of experience, Daniela already had impressive industry experience under her belt, and Art of Business education validated that she wasn’t missing anything on the business side.

“Before I opened my doors, I was introduced to The Institute class on what it takes to own a business, hire employees, manage contracts, and maintain rules and regulations,” she said.

She also receives ongoing support from her Salon Business Specialist, who initially introduced her to the equipment division. Before breaking ground on any salon remodel, get an expert opinion from our team at Art of Business.

“People are leery and fearful of opening a salon because of the unknown. The equipment part is an aspect of that,” Tim McKinney, Sales and Service Manager at Art of Business, said. “Location, build-out, and contractor—go to the right place to get the information you need to put you at ease.”

With help from Art of Business, Daniela achieved what she had set out to do, and then some.

“Why fit in when you can stand out?” she said. “There’s a lot of salons in the area and people that can do fabulous hair. You only stand out when you go the extra mile.”

Dia Studio Front Desk

For questions on salon equipment, contact Tim McKinney, Sales and Service Manager, by phone at (610) 898-8164, ext. 1214, or through email at [email protected] 

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