Simple Solutions for Using Feng Shui to Maximize Salon Impact


Ever notice how different salons can have drastically different energies? Sure, a lot of it ties into branding and customer service, but something less obvious may be at work too: feng shui.

The art of feng shui, which has roots in ancient culture, focuses on using the surroundings in an environment to create harmonious and balanced energy within a space. In theory, this free-flowing energy promotes well-being, positivity, and prosperity - and ultimately, client retention.

While it might be easy to dismiss feng shui as a lofty idea, many of its basic principles can be applied in the salon to make sure customers feel welcomed into a calm and balanced space. Try giving some of these principles a go and see what happens!

Applying Principles of Feng Shui to the Salon

Keep it Tidy

First and foremost, always make sure the salon has on a fresh face; cleanliness and simplicity make a significant impression on customers, even if subconsciously. Avoid clutter, tattered items, and worn fixtures. Dirty mirrors and chipped countertops might seem trivial, but they can make or break a customer’s experience, leaving them feeling fresh and vibrant, or anxious and hurried.

Pro Tip: Salon Today recommends dusting retail merchandise on the daily; a product that’s collecting dust isn’t selling and has been sitting for a while.

Pay Attention to Layout

Feng shui experts swear by the literal flow of energy, or chi, in a space created by physical objects. Imagine how a stream of air would flow through the salon. Avoid blockages and harsh, straight lines that encourage more aggressive energy. Try for a more curvaceous space that would encourage smooth flow.

Pro Tip: Pay attention to the directional bearing of the salon to maximize different energies in the right places. Putting the register in the south-east corner of the salon is best, as this is the wealth area of the salon, according to HJi.

Think About Color

Feng shui or no feng shui, color has proven to have a psychological effect on people. Blue is calming (and synonymous with water), while green imbues health and vitality.

Pro tip: Feng shui centers around the five elements in ancient China: fire, earth, water, metal, and wood. Different colors correspond with different elements. Try incorporating these into the decor to create a balanced space.

Incorporate Water

As one of the five elements, moving water symbolizes the constant flow of energy. Try installing a water feature to create a serene and flowing environment.

Pro Tip: Place the water feature to the left of the entryway to symbolize a constant flow.

More Salon Feng Shui

There are plenty of other ways to incorporate feng shui into the salon as well. Consider sounds, smells, and even lighting.

Nails Magazine has some helpful do’s and don’ts for feng shui-ing the salon:

• Avoid using red or yellow as the dominant color of the space.
• Don’t hang mirrors so they directly reflect the front door; use a side wall instead.
• Choose plants that look lush; avoid pointy leaves and cacti with sharp points.
• Keep the cash register out of sight and not easily visible from the entrance.

Principles of feng shui can even be incorporated into styling a customer; celebrity stylist Billy Yamaguchi uses feng shui in every aspect of the customer experience, even in determining the best cut for a client.

Making it Happen

Feng shui can seem overwhelming at first, but don’t be afraid to start small! Little changes can make a significant impact. Try what works for you and see how it changes the energy of the salon.

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