Starting a New Salon or Remodeling Your Existing One


The initial phase of planning your salon is probably the most important step and is many times overlooked in the excitement of getting started. Your dream salon might not pan out the way you envision it, if you don’t begin by carefully measuring and planning for spacing, work area, and traffic flow.

Salon Equipment HeadachesProfessional planning and design are the most important steps in the process and they go hand in hand with budget. This is where expert advice and years of experience come in to play. Designing and laying out a workable salon can be deceptively tricky even if you think you can visualize spacing in your mind. A scaled drawing of your space and correct sizing of the equipment is the only way to be sure. You might try to be conservative and only plan for a certain number of stations you “think” will t in your space and in reality you may be able to fit more, utilizing every square foot of your precious room to maximize profits. Or on the other hand you may plan for “more than your space allows” and find that your work areas and traffic flow are congested and even potentially hazardous to the staff and clients alike. No one wants to sit in a noisy, crowded salon, yelling over each other or bumping elbows or having to excuse oneself every time you need to walk past another stylist. The same goes for not having enough shampoo bowls and having to wait for the next available sink to open up or color processor to become available.

Salon equipment is available in many grades of pricing and quality. If you see a chair or a station on the internet at a ridiculously low price, rest assured the quality is going to match the price. a good way to tell the level of quality is by looking at the warranty. If a chair has a one or two-year warranty, the manufacturer doesn’t have much faith in the product and from past experience, you’re lucky if you don’t have any service issues after the warranty runs out, as you will be on your own. The nightmare begins when you do have an issue. Most online dealers don’t have a service department. In other words, your chair or sink or dryer is “disposable”. This might sound like some reassurance until they demand that you box up the defect and pay to ship it back to them and in some cases even pay for the replacement. Huh??? so, what do you do for the next few weeks while you’re waiting for your new disposable chair? If you would have made the investment in a “quality” chair, you wouldn’t be in this predicament. The reputable distributor would send out a loaner chair or have a replacement pump immediately shipped to your door. The same goes for the day your new furniture arrives.

Art of Business equipment division will receive it, uncrate it, inspect it, deliver it, install it and guarantee it! We will also be here “after the warranty runs out” to help you with routine maintenance, repairs and replacements. The internet wants your money and then they move on to the next sale. Many people that have fallen for the alluring low prices of the internet, received a damaged product and then couldn’t even find anyone to contact or had to wait months before anyone would call them back. No busy salon wants to receive equipment from a freight truck at the curb, unpack the crates and boxes, figure out how to properly assemble the chairs and then pay a contractor to install the cabinets who may well have never been in a salon before!

Installation and service of salon equipment is a specialized field. Plumbers, electricians and contractors are usually only guessing as to the proper way to handle, assemble and install these items. This isn’t a service that someone off the street can do without proper training and instruction along with technical support from the manufacturer.

Quality and service from a distributor like art of Business covers so much more than the actual equipment you’re purchasing. The internet sales company doesn’t want you to know this, usually making a salon owner a “one-time sale” and then moving on to the next “unsuspecting” online shopper.

“Think about it... when your internet furniture order arrives...”Liftgate Delivery
  • Who unloads it? Who unpacks it?
  • What do you do with a truckload of skids, crates and empty boxes?
  • Who assembles it correctly and tests it for proper operation?
  • Who safely mounts your cabinetry to the wall?
  • Who is there for you if you find shipping damage or a factory defect or it’s not what you ordered?
  • Who rushes out to service your equipment when it breaks down during a busy week?
  • What will you do with your old, unwanted equipment to make room for the new?
These are just a few things that you need to consider in an age where it just seems so easy to “google for the lowest price you can find.”

There is so much more involved in the process from beginning to end and for years to come.

At art of Business... we have your back! planning and purchasing your salon is just the beginning of a lifelong relationship of quality product, education and service at a level the internet could never offer. And... at the end of the day art of Business will always be there for help you run a successful and thriving business!

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