What to Know About Ecoheads Showerhead


Color treatments can be an expensive and time-consuming endeavor for stylists and clients. Being able to wash color out of a client’s hair more efficiently can save salons time, energy, and water, therefore saving money.

Savings In Time

Ecoheads shower heads have an innovative design that allows a strong but soft water flow that massages a client’s scalp. This stimulates blood flow and allows hair to be more receptive to treatments. With increased water pressure, the amount of time spent washing out color decreases. It takes about six minutes to thoroughly wash a treatment out of hair with an average showerhead. With the new Ecoheads showerhead, you can wash out color three times faster. 

Savings In Water and Energy

With a fewer amount of time spent washing out treatments, color, and tints, the amount of water used is also lowered. That six-minute wash uses almost 16 gallons of water. Ecoheads showerheads use 65% less water and can save around 103 gallons a day.

Savings In Money

It’s no secret that time is valuable. Being able to cut down a stylist’s time with their client means a quicker turnover and more clients served in a day. Using less water can also significantly reduce a water bill as well. All these changes allow for a salon to push forward to become a more profitable business.

Positive Effects on the Environment and Client’s Hair

Ecoheads is dedicated to creating environmentally friendly products. The Ecoheads showerhead is 100% recyclable. Its unique filtration system produces better quality water, reducing chlorine and purifying it from sediments and rust. It also creates negative ions that soften and smooth hair, leaving your client with a beautiful result.

Installing an Ecoheads shower head is a step in a more productive, profitable, and environmentally friendly direction for any salon. With its unique filtration system, Ecoheads showerhead simultaneously increases water pressure while using 65% less water. The result is faster wash times for treatments, savings in water and energy, and a happy client whose hair is left soft and smooth. Log in to order today from Art of Business and experience the difference!

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